ABOUT Stephen Cotterell


When you want to find out more about my professional photography including personal & corporate portraiture, weddings and  please visit http://stephencotterell.com or just call me on 07990 525 814

www.cotterell.net (this website) is principally here to support my free podcast Photography 121 (also available via iTunes) and my free-to-download-and-share book

All and any of your thoughts, criticism, ideas, feedback and other suggestions are very welcome.

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07990 525 814

p.s. I live in Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, England. Whenever you feel like a walk by the river or a stroll through one of the nearby Riyal Parks, give me a call

p.p.s. Oh I almost forgot , obviously, I’m Stephen Cotterell, a London based photographer who:

  1. -helps people to feel comfortable in front of my camera (including people who believe that they are NOT photogenic)

  2. -loves life and

  3. -has an insight into what is really important including:

  4. -        love,

  5. -        light and   

  6. -        laughter.


“The camera can photograph thought.”  Dirk Bogarde